About Us

Sean Fitzpatrick

I’m Sean and I welcome you to Solicited Happiness be it your first time or your hundredth time!

I am a husband, I am a young father, and I am a friend. All in all I like to consider myself a fairly easy-going individual; someone who loves to read, write, and learn – three things that I’ve grown to love as I’ve grown older.

While I consider myself a “student of life” I do have a formal education with an undergraduate in Psychology, with a focus on course work in the fields of Positive Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, and Motivational Psychology. Even though I strongly believe that going to college was one of the biggest mistakes in my life, I will admit that it laid the groundwork that is my passion for Positive Psychology!

In a less-formal aspect, I’ve made great strides to improve my overall sense of well-being: going from a 250lbs, miserable, mentally and emotionally exhausted, not-being-able-to-run-down-the-block-without-feeling-like-I-was-going-to-die-tragically individual, to a healthy one-hundred-seventy-something pound, happy, mentally and emotionally strong, being-able-to-run-multiple-miles-without-dying individual. This change from misery to healthy did not occur over night – hell, it didn’t occur over 365nights – it took time and continues to take time.

I absolutely love getting to know people and hearing their life stories so head on over to the contact page and send me a message!


Adam Fitzpatrick

My given name is Adam Fitzpatrick, but that is not who I am. I’ve been on the Earth since 1990, but have only been living since 2012.

I enjoy reading on religions; such as Buddhism, Christianity, Satanism, Judaism, to name a few. I believe having an open mind and trying new things to be the most crucial thing for development and happiness.

I battle mental illness on a daily basis; Depression, anxiety, low self esteem, low self worth, alcoholism, just to name a few. We all have our own demons and our own battles. Let me show you some of mine.

We are all human, no one is valued more than someone else, a homeless woman has as much value as a pediatric doctor.

Solicited Happiness

10 Questions About Happiness

Happiness is something that we as a species are always chasing.

Everyone has a different perspective on what happiness is. Some of us find it in material items, while others find it in the intangible. Some find happiness within themselves, while others seek it from outside sources. It’s impossible to tell someone that their definition of happiness is wrong.

We established Solicited Happiness in a quest to understand different people’s definitions of happiness and what it means to them. Some individuals are successful in their respective careers while others are struggling to stay afloat. Some live exciting lives of adventure while others live day-to-day. Happiness to one person may be completely different to another.

The goal is to find what happiness means to different people and how we can apply it to our own lives.



The goal of the writing/blog portion of Solicited Happiness is to help individuals increase their overall sense of well being through improvements in various aspects of life such as mental functioning, social functioning, and physical functioning.

It’s more than simply saying “be happy” or “meditate 15 minutes a day”, it’s about breaking away from the chains we find ourselves in due to the constant bombardment of stress and unhappiness in our daily lives (see: The News).

It’s about changing the way we look at each other, and even more so how we look at ourselves.

It’s about waking up and embracing life instead of being a walking bag of meat.

It’s about loving each other.

You know, all that hippy stuff.

We’re obviously not the best writers* but we do thoroughly enjoy what we are doing. Overall, we love to connect to people and the primary goal of the entire website is to entertain, to relate to, to vent to, and to help.

*Stephen King has us beat by a slight margin