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10 Questions About Happiness: Anna Arsenault of MomStrong Fitness

10 Questions About Happiness: Anna Arsenault of MomStrong Fitness
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Anna Arsenault

Anna Arsenault, the face and founder of MomStrong Fitness, is the embodiment of hard work and a “no-excuse” mentality. With four kids she still finds time to work full-time, work on her own business, and work on herself. With a constant and hectic schedule one would think that Anna would have every excuse to slow down, but she just keeps on moving.

Anna’s “MomStrong Fitness” serves as a place to empower women; to show them that no matter how busy their lives may be, there is always an opportunity to better themselves. By proving to yourself that you can be strong – not just physically, but mentally too – you put yourself in a better position to be happy instead of falling back on the same old excuses.

While I’m obviously not a Mom (I don’t think) I can still greatly appreciate the message that Anna brings to the table – one of hard work and self empowerment.


10 Questions About Happiness

1. How do you define happiness?
A.A: I think happiness can be tricky. I’ve been at points in my life where I searched for it by making extra money, having a leaner body, PRing my runs and lifts, gaining more followers on social media – but what really makes me happy after a long day of striving for those things is being with the people that I love. Being needed and truly loved by my people.

Feeling totally accepted and loved for being me is happiness.

2. What has been your happiest moment in life so far?
A.A: I’m not so sure that I have just 1 happiest moment. I’ve had so many joyful moments in my life. Of course, having 4 beautiful babies was in the top!

3. Is your idea of happiness any different than 5 years ago?
A.A: Of course! I am a very different person than I was 5 years ago.

4. Not only do you have four children, you also home school them – How do you find time to work on your own personal goals and happiness with such a hectic schedule?
A.A: I don’t actually home school anymore. Once my children got a little older I felt it was time for me to work. I feel like I really invested and distilled into them lessons I wanted to be the one to teach.

I work full time now, work on my own business, raise the children and try to fit my own goals in there when I can.

5. You juggle many hats (mom, personal trainer, obstacle course racer, to name a few) – does this constant state of change foster happiness within yourself, or would you prefer a more mundane and simple lifestyle?
A.A: Growing up my Dad always called me “The Cruise Director” – I come from a family of 5 children and I was always bossing everyone around. I like to take charge. I’m also a person of results; I love problem solving and working through chaos. Being an Army brat made me used to change – I get bored quickly so if my life was mundane I would end up finding ways to spice it up!

6. What is one thing that you feel brings happiness into life? What about unhappiness?
A.A: My children bring me so much happiness. I was meant to be a Mom. (Coffee too. Coffee also brings me happiness!)

As far as unhappiness – I find that I am unhappy when I am comparing myself to others. Yes, it’s good to have people you look up to but constantly comparing myself to other women is a dangerous road.

7. What advice do you give your children in order to help them find happiness and fulfillment in life?
A.A: My children hear my talk all the time about being a hard worker – work hard at the things you love and want in life. Be problem solvers, be yourself and don’t cave to the opinions of others.

8.What piece of advice would you give someone that feels lost and unhappy in life?
A.A: Talk to someone. Find someone you trust and who can guide you through your thoughts and feelings. I am a huge believer in therapy.

9. What has been the lowest point in your life in terms of happiness? What helped you rise about it?
A.A: I have had some low points, I think most of us have. Different circumstances in life brought me down. Broken relationships with people that are supposed to be guiders in my life really took a toll on me. I’ve made choices in my life that caused some consequences that I had to really work through. I’m a natural survivor/fighter, I have a no-quit attitude towards most anything. When it comes to struggles in my life, including unhappiness, I tend to fight through it.

10. Are you happy?
A.A: I am happy. As a mother, things creep up on me from my childhood which I have to work through (hint: therapy). Every day I try to love others and raise my kids to be kind, loving people.

We have a choice on how we walk through our day and I’m doing my best to choose happiness each day. I really think for me it boils down to having a positive look on things: do I see things half full or half empty?

Take Away

Like I said, Anna is the figure head of hard work and determination. She doesn’t let a hectic life keep her from pushing forward in her goals – be it goals in her physical training, goals in business, or goals in her family life. She uses these goals as fuel towards achievement and happiness.

Anna made it abundantly clear in our conversation that she takes life by the horns and does not find satisfaction in just rolling with the punches. This is a lesson that should be adapted in all our lives to some degree – to not be controlled by perceived excuses, but to be the controller of our own lives. If we do this – if we work hard and give it our all – happiness shouldn’t be hard to find.


“10 Questions About Happiness” are posts that explore what happiness means to different people. These people come from all walks of life – some are successful in their respective careers while others are struggling to stay afloat, some live exciting lives while others live day-to-day. Happiness to one person may be completely different to another – the goal is to find what happiness means to different people and how we can apply it to our own lives.

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