Positive Communication
In today’s hyper connected world our techniques of communication have never been easier. We’re able to send a message to the other side of the planet in a mere instant. But while the ease of communication has grown rapidly it seems as though our ability to communicate on an individual level has suffered immensely –… (0 comment)

Open Heart Surgery
The Human Body The human body is truly a miraculous thing when you really sit down and think about it. It breathes, it grows, it heals, and it exists without much thought. Our brains are more powerful than any supercomputer known to man. Under normal circumstances all our organs function in complete unison without any… (0 comment)

The 10th Circle of Hell
The story of Dante's Inferno paints a picture of the 9 circles of Hell, each of which holds it's own form of punishment for those who sinned in life - but it's quite apparent that a 10th circle of hell was omitted from the story.…

The Importance of Impermanence
Constant Change Every broken heart will mend. Every war will fade to peace. Every tear will bloom into a smile. Every lovers embrace will be followed by loneliness. Every time of peace will be ended by a thrown stone. Every high will be followed by a low. Every moment of laughter will diminish to silence.…