The Importance of Impermanence
Constant Change Every broken heart will mend. Every war will fade to peace. Every tear will bloom into a smile. Every lovers embrace will be followed by loneliness. Every time of peace will be ended by a thrown stone. Every high will be followed by a low. Every moment of laughter will diminish to silence.…

10 Questions About Happiness: David Kong
The fact that real love is possible at all demands acknowledgement that existence is not merely a subjective, solitary journey; but rather that we are all connected by an underlying commonality which exists beyond our physical bodies or material realities. Drug addiction has run rampant through generation after generation leaving nothing but pain and heartbreak…

The Space Between
There is a special place between moments of pain and moments of bliss – a place where we run to when our will is broken and we can no longer stand tall. This place in between is not a specific moment in time, nor is it a physical location or state of mind; it’s a… (0 comment)

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