The Space Between

The Space Between
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There is a special place between moments of pain and moments of bliss – a place where we run to when our will is broken and we can no longer stand tall. This place in between is not a specific moment in time, nor is it a physical location or state of mind; it’s a place as unique as the finger print of each individual. One’s place in between may reside between surging tides or waning moons, between predictable seasons or anticipated rotations.

My in between resides between sunset and sunrise. A place where the worries of the world don’t trample. A spot in which the deafening noise of the world becomes masked by the silence of night and the sights that are beheld in light are only softly illuminated by the glow of the moon and the stars.

The cover of night offers a sense of security. Our flaws hushed by the veil of darkness, our inhibitions quelled by the shade of night. In the moments between sunset and sunrise we find ourselves safely at home in the arms of a lover, under the covers of sleep, or embracing the vitality of life that comes alive after the sun has set.

The place between sunset and sunrise is a spot of restoration, washing away the pain of yesterday with the promise of a brighter tomorrow. In that moment the sun of the past day has set and with it every worry, trouble, and trial. The sun of tomorrow will then rise and with it will come desire, contentment, and joy.

Between sunset and sunrise shines a beacon of hope, a hope that tomorrow brings a better day.

It takes time to find your place of in between, some go entire lives being torn in separate directions. Take care and look inward to find your place that offers a period of calmness between the highs and lows of life. A place that restores your spirit and reminds you that no matter what struggle may come your way, there is always hope.

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