The Ghost of Youth

The Ghost of Youth
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Horse With a Broken Leg

Have you ever wondered when the exact moment was when you lost the innocence of youth? Was it a sudden whiplash, or was it an uncontrollable sinking to the depths of adulthood? At what point in life do we get up and no longer have the warmth in our heart, the carefree spirit in our veins, the love in our smile, and the soul within our feet. Sure, you may wake up some mornings with a renewed spirit, feeling rejuvenated and hopeful, but chances are high that the feeling slowly dissipates throughout the day – when your wife nags you, your boss hounds you, when the bills haunt you. At some point youth becomes a horse with a broken leg and we find ourselves standing over it with a gun in our hand.

Youth isn’t a specific age nor is it a set developmental stage in the grand scheme of lifespan development.

It’s a primal feeling that radiates from within the heart.

It’s that feeling of simple freedom; freedom from stress and the fear of judgement.

It’s a feeling of warmth, warmth that beams and spreads to everyone around you.

It’s a burning imagination that scorches with such vividness and clarity that it’s almost impossible to distinguish fiction from fact.

It’s waking up in the morning and saying to yourself, “I’m not going to be a dick to everyone I meet today.”

Youth Extinguished

As time marches onward the freedom of youth fades and it becomes shackled by responsibility and replaced with the illusion of freewill.

The feeling of warmth is extinguished by heartache and trauma, replaced by coldness and distance.

The fiery imagination that once raged is now only dimly lit, the embers now only igniting imagined negative outcomes that may never happen.

The sense of youth is shunned away, overthrown by “realistic” and “rational” thinking that is molded only by the outside world – there is no basis to this way of thinking, no realism or rational to the feeling that replaces youth.

Youth Reclaimed

Lucky for us the human brain is powerful enough to work against itself and allow our minds to shatter free from the shackles, to thaw the cold heart, and rekindle the raging fire from within.

Reclaim your feeling of youth!

  • Sing with your windows down.
  • Open lines of communication with a distant friend and stay up late talking about nothing.
  • Play video games until dawn.
  • Go to work with a tired body yet rejuvenated soul.
  • Tell the worst jokes in the room without fear of judgement.
  • Follow you heart and seek out happiness, laugh, smile, love, embrace, dance, play!
  • If someone calls you “immature” – laugh at them and with a smile respond with, “at least I am alive!”

“Sunsets, like youth, are viewed with wonder not just because they are beautiful but because they are fleeting.”